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Where the Lilies Bloom

Title:Where the Lilies Bloom
Author:Vera and Bill Cleaver
Publication date:1969
Page count:210
Started on:8/30/07
Finished on:9/27/07
My grade: B

1. Why did I decide to read this book?
I read this book because it looked like a good book to read. The title sounded interesting. I read the back and it sounded like a good book. I also read it because someone told me it was a good book. I also like fiction books.

2. Plot summary (avoiding major spoilers when possible):
The story is about a fourteen year old girl named Mary Call Luther and her two sisters and brother. They live in North Carolina with their father. Their father is sick and dies. Before he died he made Mary Call promise not to tell anyone he has died, not to let Devola her sister marry, and to keep the family together. After their father died they started wildcrafting to make money. Then people in the town started asking were their father was and they would tell them he was sick and when people came to see him they would tell them he was sleeping. After a while they became desperate for money because it was winter and they could not go out to wildcraft. Then Mary Call broke all of her promises and her sister married a man named Kiser Pease. After Devola married him he gave Mary Call and her brother and sister money and food but they still did wildcrafting for extra money.
3. What is the setting, and why is it important to the novel?
This story takes place in North Carolina in the Appalachian mountains. They live between two mountains called Sugar Boy and Old Joshua. It is important in the novel because that is were they buried their father. Also that is where they do their wildcrafting for money. It is also important because it is mentioned a lot in the book.
4. Who are the main characters, and what roles do they play in the novel?
Mary Call Luther is the main character. She make promises she could not keep. Also she tries to take care of the family. Romey Luther is her brother that helps Mary Call with everything. Then Devola Luther her sister she takes care of the house by clean it and she does all the cooking but at the end she marries Kiser Pease.
5. What is/are the main conflict(s) in the novel?
The main conflict was people trying see Mary Calls father and he was dead but she could not let anyone know. The second problem was Kiser Pease would not leave them along about their father. The third problem was in the winter the weather was so bad that part of their house caved in. The fourth problem was during the winter they could not wildcraft and they had no money. The fifth problem was Mary Call had problem with her family because they did not want to listen to her.
6. Describe the climax of the novel.
The climax is when Mary Call is about to lose their house. Also Kiser Pease finds out her father was dead. After that happened Devola married Kiser Pease and he paid for their house. The rest of the town found out about their father death so Kiser Pease went and became Mary Call and her brother and sisters guardian. Also he built them a barn for their cow because it was living in the house.
7. What is the significance of the book's title? Is the title appropriate, or would I change it to something else?
The title only goes along with part of the book. If you read only the first half of the book you would not know where they got the title. At the end of the book it tells you about it. It is called Where the Lilies Bloom because at the end of the book it becomes Spring and all along the mountains there is large areas of liles every where. I would never change the title because I think it is a good title for the book.
8. What is my opinion about this book? Why (give specifics)?
My opinion of this book is it is a good book. I think other people should read it. I think it is a good book because it is the type of book I like to read. Also I think it was a good book because it was not a boring book. I t was the type of book that made you want to read more to find out what happens.

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